For nearly 50 years, TDS® has provided reliable Internet, TV, and phone service to customers across the nation.

In multiple communities TDS has brought fiber-optic technology, revolutionizing the services available. In these areas, residents enjoy:

  • The fastest Internet—up to 1Gbps speed
  • Advanced IPTV technology—TDS TV®
  • Crystal clear phone service

While businesses take advantage of:

  • Ultra-fast, reliable fiber-based Internet
  • A fully integrated voice and data solution—managedIP Hosted

Now TDS wants to bring its expertise and technology to Sun Prairie!

What does this mean?

TDS and Sun Prairie Utilities (SPU) signed a non-binding letter of intent, which means TDS is interested in acquiring SPU’s fiber-optic Internet network.

Over the course of the next few weeks, TDS will explore options and efforts required to expand the existing network in order to bring its premium services to the residents and businesses of Sun Prairie.

Discussions with Sun Prairie officials will continue; the goal is to have a definitive agreement in place by the end of March 2017.

TDS' plans would be to expand the network to the majority of the city of Sun Prairie and launch fiber-based services to residential and business customers.

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How will my existing services be impacted?

At this time, TDS is working on a definitive agreement with the city of Sun Prairie and doesn’t anticipate existing services being impacted. To add or upgrade your current services, contact Sun Prairie Utilities.

Will I have more options for Internet, TV, and phone?

If an agreement is reached, TDS plans to continue Sun Prairie’s vision of having a highly connected community. This plan includes expanding the services available to residents and offering 1Gig Internet, TDS TV, and phone service. Businesses will have access to fast, reliable Internet service and VoIP solutions designed to save money and increase productivity.

Can I order TDS products and services now?

At this time, no. But, you can sign up to be notified when TDS products and services are available.

Where else does TDS provide service?

TDS provides services across the country, from islands off Maine to the floor of the Grand Canyon and just about every state in between! In fact, TDS serves nearly 900 rural, suburban, and metropolitan communities. As the seventh largest local exchange telephone company in the U.S, TDS provides 1.2 million connections to high-speed internet, phone, and TV entertainment services.

Will everyone in Sun Prairie have access to the fiber network?

If an agreement is reached, TDS anticipates expanding the existing fiber Internet network to a majority of the city—including residential and commercial areas.

How do I get updates on this project?

Stay tuned to this website. Or, you can choose to receive email updates.