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TDS® 1Gig Fiber Internet

When online speed is what you want, 1Gig is what you should get. It offers TDS' fastest download and upload speeds, plus a free Remote PC Support subscription.

A Superb Speed for:

  • Unlimited users/Internet-connected devices
  • Streaming music and video
  • Gaming
  • Video chatting
  • Uploading/Downloading Photos
  • Uploading videos

How fast is 1Gig?

Download (up to 1Gbps)   
At 1Gbps:
Web site home page (240 Kbps) Instantly
4-Minute song (4MB) Instantly
E-book (50MB) Instantly
Operating System Upgrade (1.31GB)
11 sec.
2-Hour HD Movie (4.5GB)
36 sec.


Upload (up to 400Mbps) At 400Mbps:
Audio File (10Mb) Instantly
50 Photos (100Mb total)
2 sec.
Video on YouTube (500MB) 10 sec.